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Elemental powers in the palm of her hand...and it won't be enough to save her. When Kaitlyn Alder is involuntarily introduced to a life of magic, she becomes part of an organization hell-bent on saving the Earth. Just as her new-found life holds promises of purpose, romance, and friendship, the organization divides and a rogue member holds Kaitlyn hostage. Now one of the mElemental powers in the palm of her hand...and it won't be enough to save her. When Kaitlyn Alder is involuntarily introduced to a life of magic, she becomes part of an organization hell-bent on saving the Earth. Just as her new-found life holds promises of purpose, romance, and friendship, the organization divides and a rogue member holds Kaitlyn hostage. Now one of the most terrifying men the human race has to offer stands between her and Earth's survival....

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  • Anne
    2019-05-19 05:38

    Thank you to NetGalley for a copy of this book.Anyone out there remember Captain Planet and the Planeteers? Yeah.Ok, imagine that Captain Planet is an annoying young woman, and the Planeteers are misogynistic men.Ta-Da! You now have the plot of this book.This is quite possibly the most craptastic thing I've read all year. I'm actually offended on a cellular level by some of its content, and that's hard to do. I don't offend easily. But this book managed to do it. First, it bored me to tears. It took me forever to wade through it, simply because there was nothing interesting to latch onto. Her 'powers' were stupid. Look! With the help of others, I can slowly make kelp grow! Wow. And the band of Planeteers? They were an awful bunch of guys would basically wanted to torture her into doing the bidding of what seemed to be the world's dorkiest cult. I mean, they were dirt poor! What kind of global organization that can control the elements is underfunded?! Use your powers to make some money, you jackasses!Oh, but it gets better. Her lover/mentor tries to rape her. Why? So she can learn how to use her powers while distressed. 'Cause locking her in a freezer wasn't bad enough.And this was the guy who liked her.The Planeteer who didn't like her really did rape her. Repeatedly. After he kidnapped her and took her to his evil lair.Why? I don't know. But nothing really happened to him because of it.Ahhhhhhhhhhh!The cover is cool. So whoever designed that did a good job. Too bad it's wasted on the story inside.

  • Robin Laine
    2019-05-07 11:31

    Where do I begin?! I like to read reviews of books before I actually read them, because there are books that get bad reviews but I end up enjoying. Not this time around. Other reviewers claimed the heroine, Kaitlyn, to be bada$$. I found her to be an annoying, childish brat. I kept questioning her age and going back to remind myself she was in her 20's and not in her early teens. When she is first kidnapped (which I don't understand why that had to happen) she has the right emotions; fear, anger, an overwhelming need to escape. Then after her second failed attempt, BAM!, she decides 'oh well, may as well make the best of the situation and jump into the arms and BED of one of her captors'. When she is finally given an oppotunity to leave of her own free will, she decides to stay for no other reason than her curriosity of what they do. When she is later brutally attacked, instead of saying "Hey, remember that out you offered me? I want it NOW!", she stays.The supposed hero, Micah, is her self-proclaimed protector. Which he is very bad at. He knows that Kaitlyn and the villain of the book, Shawn, should not be in the same room (let alone on the same island) as each other. Yet during a "training session" he enlists Shawn's help to present a distraction so that she can learn to use her powers under duress. The distraction? Micah decides it should be him trying to rape Kaitlyn while Shawn watches and blocks her powers. What?! I applauded Kaitlyn for her feelings of anger, betrayal, and refusal to forgive Micah. Until she does forgive him. His actions were inexcusable and unforgivable. No man who vows to protect the woman he claims to care about would do something like that.Shawn...He was evil, conniving, manipulative, sadistic, everything a villain is, but without the back story explaining why he is the way he is. There is no explanation as to why he hates Kaitlyn so much. He lost someone once, that's all we are told. Was it someone he loved that died? Don't know. Was it someone he loved that betrayed him? Don't know. We know he wants to steal her powers and why. We don't know why he feels the need to brutally rape her; other than the authors desire to have a pregnancy that will create further conflict between the three main characters. Distasteful in my opinion.All the men in this book, including Micah, came across to me as apes. Me Tarzan you Jane, I'm the almighty man you're the lowly woman, and as a woman your feelings don't matter to us so just suck it up and deal. You really come to understand that when one of the minor characters, Alex, tries to justify Micahs actions to Kaitlyn. He tells her that Micah was only trying to match Kaitlyns level of intensity (referring to her powers)and basically implying that the incident was no big deal. I did not like this book, and would not recommend to anybody to read it.

  • Alana ~ The Book Pimp
    2019-05-01 07:31

    This is definitely an adult read. Many adult themes, situations, language, violence... you name it, it very well may be in there. There was some especially uncomfortable moments in this book. I like the first book in the series overall, and am keen to read book 2, but not right away. It a disturbing book, but in an acceptable way. But I'm also a little disturbed at some of the review quotes of book 2... Micah has a Daemon (from the Lux series) 'look' about him, but minus the attitude. But you never know if you can fully trust him. There are many a male eye candy that stalk across the pages, but their attitudes and motivations often seem suspect. Don't pick this up expecting a HEA- it's a series, and while not a precarious perch on a cliffhanger, it does leave you longing to pick up book two... soon."It was as if they were moving in slow motion - how generous of them.""Our eyes continued to play hide and seek, darting in for a quick look, then out again.""I was resisting the urge to climb up him and ride him where he stood.""Moronsayswhat?"And did I mention steam... both good and bad steam. I know that sounds confusing- but it goes hand-in-hand with some very uncomfortable non-consensual physical moments. While it may steam your glasses at parts, others will leave you shuddering. This book is not for the timid."Crap. Dead kittens. Dead kittens. Dead kittens. It wasn't working."This has got to be my absolute favorite line from the whole book:"Yeah, buddy. I'm about to Hitchcock your ass."

  •  Lissa Smith Reads'~Bookaholics Bookshelf Reviews
    2019-05-15 04:46

    I had never heard of “Water” until I received an email for sign-up reviews. I was immediately dazzled by the cover art. There was something magical about the single drop of water suspended above a lone hand. That was what first drew me into taking a peek at the pages beneath. I was not disappointed. As for being her first attempt it doesn’t show as Terra Harmony had the ability to straight away draw me into Kaitlyn’s story.She seemingly effortlessly moved the story along all while plummeting me deep and deeper into the life of Kaitlyn in a swirl of emotions and unspoken Stockholm syndrome. Her ability to capture the syndrome without focusing on it took me by surprise. However I did get more than I expected and was charged with excitement from the start. Harmony has a fanciful way with words no matter which character she was working with. She manages to take hold of the characters and develop them in ways that leaves a part of you that developing a love/hate with each one as you turn the pages.“Water” takes you on a page turning journey as Kaitlyn discovers who and what she is truly is and is capable of. “Water” is packed with just the right amount of mystery and suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat to the very end and leave you begging for more, more and more!But let me be clear, “Water” is not for the faint of hearts as Kaitlyn story develops and twist and turns are introduced things get beyond ugly. For this reason I would suggest a rating of NC-17 and suggest that you pick up a copy and start reading today….. You will not be disappointed as Harmony leaves you so many haunting questions and with a true cliff hanger that will leave you digging in your sofa cushions to scurry ups the change to jump into Air.

  • Whitley Birks
    2019-05-14 07:41

    If the writers of the old Captain Planet TV show had been tasked with writing a book for ‘grown ups,’ they probably would have come up with something very close to this. Simplistic views on environmental issues, cheesy lines all over the place, powers that make no sense, plot lines that spiral off into nowhere, completely gratuitous scenes that require way more tact than this book is capable of… If you can’t tell, I wasn’t a fan of Captain Planet.But that show, much like this book, had such an interesting premise that I can’t help getting sucked into every new piece of work that follows it, in the hopes of finding something that lives up to the awesomeness promised.First of all, this book needed a lot more spit and polish than it received. Transitions between scenes were clunky at best, and conflicts were picked up and dropped at random. The book felt like a bunch of strung-together concepts instead of something whole. For instance, there’s a scene in an airport where a security guard walks up and randomly demands that Kaitlyn follow him. She’s saved by the smooth talking love interest, but…who was that? Why did he want Kaitlyn? Was it for a real reason? Did she do something wrong? She was just standing around looking lost, but that guy acted like bad news; was there some nefarious intent behind his actions? WE’LL NEVER KNOW! After they leave him behind, no one gives him a second thought. Nearly every conflict in the book that wasn’t romantic was treated the same way. Kaitlyn got kidnapped! Why? Just because. She was drugged and tied to a chair and injected with stuff! What stuff? Psh, it was stuff, we’ve moved on to hot boys now, keep up.The powers in this book were spotty at best and confusing at worst. Kaitlyn learns how to use hers with ease, and then after that, they’re described as…just…doing whatever she wants. There’s very little in the way of structure or guidelines. It’s just ‘energy’ that does stuff. What stuff? All stuff.A lot of stuff isn’t properly explained in this book, for that matter. What do the Seven do? We don’t even get a hint of that until 3/4ths in, and mind you, Kaitlyn had already agreed to work with/for them at that point. She didn’t know either. She went on a mission without having a clue what their ‘missions’ normally entail. When we do find out what they entail, it’s pretty tame stuff. Most of the book actually has nothing to do with the main organization or their missions/purpose/anything. They could be a random group of teens playing with powers and having sex and nothing else, and the plot could have carried on 98% exactly the same.The environmentalism in this book is extremely simplified and makes use of flimsy strawmen to argue against. None of the real thorny issues of environment vs consumerism are addressed, which would have been fine if the book hadn’t included scenes that should have addressed them. There’s a scene where a fruit farmer doesn’t know how to use a compost heap. Really, book? That’s the man’s livelihood, and you think he doesn’t know how composting works? The issue is a matter of the efficacy between compost and chemical fertilizers, and comparing the cost/benefits of both based on how much fruit he has to sell to cover his overhead, not that he’s too clueless to work a compost heap. There’s another scene where they’re trying to convince an airport board of directors to join a water conservation group. The directors’ arguments against it? “We won’t get praised or paid for doing this.” What? How about the added cost of it, costs that would have to be passed on to consumers, which could put a severe pinch on an industry already hemorrhaging money?If you want to just run around saving baby animals and nothing else, then do that. If you want to address complex issues, at least do it right.But for all the promises the book makes about powers and saving the planet, in honesty, most of the book is just people interacting at this one house. That made the plot plod along at an excruciating pace, and I didn’t like most of the characters anyway. The villain was obvious and one-dimensional, and the romantic couple fell in love based on…magic eyeballs?And then of course there’s all that rape. The book did give a trigger warning, and I said I’d give it an extra star for that, so I did. But still. Kaitlyn’s love interest tries to rape her as a training exercise. He says he was doing it ‘to add distraction and stress.’ Really, you couldn’t think of a single other method of making her stressed? Not one, you had to jump right to rape? Kaitlyn does get properly upset about this and refuses to deal with him for a long time after, but the other characters try to convince her to forgive him because he was just trying to step up her training. FFS, no! Someone who can’t realize that ‘rape’ is not a training tool is someone who shouldn’t be around other people! That, in itself, is a problem. He does not have a proper understanding of what’s acceptable and what’s not, and that needs to be addressed. It isn’t.The last 25% of the book is more rape, and it feels like it was thrown in just to make the bad guy badder, but to be honest I kind of expected that part. There are people who fetishize stuff like that, and as long as no one says the bad guy is okay and it’s warned for, YKINMK.A free copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Jeann (Happy Indulgence)
    2019-04-23 08:38

    I was lucky enough to receive a copy of Water from the author in exchange for an honest review. Like the fluidity of water, the story continually evolved from one simple concept of a girl being held captive, to her becoming a Gaia (a controller of the elements) in order to save the environment, and more. Environmental issues are a topical issue, and having a controller of the elements to deal with these issues is definitely a unique and relevant take on the paranormal genre. I was hooked on the riveting story and the great ability of the author to convey the character's emotions. Scenarios and the complexity of the relationships between people within a secret organisation are pictured vividly. Kaitlyn, the protagonist who can control the elements, has a great refreshing quality about her, able to think on her feet and to handle her situation (however difficult it becomes) with evolving strength. As an elemental magic user, I enjoyed the scenes where Kaitlyn learnt to harness her abilities and to tap into the power of nature. It's quite believable and not too technical (unlike Rachel Caine's Weather Warden series) and clearly depicts how the power is being used. This is definitely not a YA story, but definitely an adult read, as there are some incredibly dark themes which are delved into later on. It was surprising as the first half of the book felt like a YA book evolving with the romance between Kaitlyn and some other characters, before it takes a turn for the darker half of the book. Without revealing too much, I felt quite disturbed at the circumstances which Kaitlyn had to endure (there was rape involved), and hope that justice makes its way to the sequel. Featuring several twists and turns in the storyline, ulterior motives, and a host of interesting characters, I recommend Water to any mature reader out there who can handle the darker themes within this book. It really hooks you in and deals with some heavy emotional themes, and by the time I finished the title I was ready for more. Check out Happy Indulgence for more reviews!

  • Natshane
    2019-05-15 10:35

    Terra Harmony blew my brains into tiny bits, patched them back and blasted them with a shotgun, over and over again.You wouldn't believe that Water was the author's debut novel. I was stunned by the amazingness of the story and even more by the writing. This might be one of the hardest review I ever written because I don't think my words could even cover an inch of my thoughts on this book, so for the heads up, I try to keep this review as professional as I could but do not be surprised if I had a sudden outburst and my sentences starts to seem more and more...enthusiastic.Water was another first for me, I've read about elemental powers before in books such as House of Night and Vampire Academy, but never quite like this. The Elemental powers in the Akasha series existed for a reason, no it was not for self-defense nor for ritualistic purposes, but simply for balancing nature! (Wow, it surely went back to basis huh?) That was why I was inevitably attracted to the story because the story raised environmental awareness with style. I was also awed by the detailed description of every nature's pollution in the story, this proved two things: 1. The author did her homework, praises for the effort on researching! 2. Nothing but a touch of science and facts to make the book more interesting! Besides the creative idea of having an organization The Seven with magic and elemental powers who helped in resolving Earth's environmental issues, a witty and strong female protagonist had definitely sealed the deal. Sarcasm was Kaitlyn's best suit and her sarcasm never failed to humour me. Kaitlyn reminded me of MacKayla from the Fever series and I enjoyed every moment reading from her POV. Kaitlyn was kidnapped and brought to The Seven headquarters reluctantly and there she learned the truth of her role as a Gaia. I adore Kaitlyn because she is such a strong, independent woman who knows how to crack a joke even at the most critical moment, she has the cool factor!Another character I came to love is Micah, he's the kind of guy who you would want to lean to for comfort and protectiveness, and he has a sense of humour that could match Kaitlyn's. Shawn on the other hand had endured a tragic loss, and though he is the mean guy in the story, I couldn't help but think he will play a huge role in the upcoming books. And last but not least, the adorable Alex! He is what I called the clown or joker in the story, he makes the story more vibrant and carefree. What a sidekick. This book captured my very interest, and I can't wait to read Air. The excerpt for the next book had certainly pumped up my adrenaline and make me ache for the next one!One of the best books of the year!Reviewed by,Natasha AnneDreamland Teenage Fantasy : Water Review

  • Deb
    2019-05-07 08:31

    I'm the type of person where if I start reading, I HAVE to finish the book. I've never felt more disinclined to finish a book than I have with Water. If there was, I can't remember because this book will probably stay in my memory as the book that I KNEW I would hate just from reading the first few chapters. I was a bit apprehensive when I started reading because of the warnings about a rape scene, but I was hoping it'd be a dynamic read in the end. Sadly not. The first chapter or two drew me in, but then the pacing went to hell and the portrayal of the main character's reaction to her circumstance was completely unrealistic. She was constantly joking around and was so nonchalant about being kidnapped and experimented on that I was kind of disgusted by her. I admit, the girl was funny, but it felt like she wasn't even concerned about what was happening to her! At some point early on, a guy choked her while threatening her and then she immediately invited him to race!! I also read a spoiler saying that her main love interest is actually the guy who will rape her later on in the book...and then she forgives him!!!! WHAT THE FREAKIN' HELL?! The book was free, that's why I got it, but after knowing what happens, I immediately removed the book from my Kindle. I'm not going to waste my time reading a book that I already hate even before reaching the ending.

  • Farah
    2019-04-29 10:37

    In all honesty, I haven't finished this book yet. If I ever finish it, I'll be sure to edit this review.The reason I haven't is because I just couldn't stomach the characters, or the events for that matter. The majority of the story felt like a summary. Events were skipped and only mentioned in a very insufficient way! And those that were mention were either quite boring, completely unbelievable, or unrelated to the story line.At the beginning of the story, a couple of memory flash-backs were irrelevant and really got on my nerves. I mean, 'I touched the warm glass, and it reminded me of my father.. *tears!*' Seriously?! There are better ways to let us know that her parents were killed!The relationship between Micah and Kaitlyn was too fast, and too sick for my liking. They reminded me of those couple that go out and sit on the same side of the table making goo-goo eyes at each other while everyone else tries to keep their food down! The nausea factor was just too high! They lacked everything from chemistry to sexual tension. All I got was that Kaitlyn found Micah hot, and then BAM they've practically moved in together! No wait! They also turned into siamese twins!! I mean WTH!? For someone who is supposed to be so AWESOME and POWERFUL Kaitlyn came off as clingy, needy, bratty, and a little pathetic!! She overreacts ALL the time! And she really needs to grow up!! Having the characters in a story point out that the main is strong, does NOT prove to the reader that he/she is!! Enter Cato. If the point was to portray him as the mysterious, all-knowing old man (kinda like Dumbledore or Gandalf but without the magic factor), then it was an EPIC fail! If the point was to portray him as an annoying old man who I want to beat with a stick because he is rude, obnoxious, hypocritical, and mentally deficient, then it was a great success!! Because that's exactly how I found him!I read through some of the reviews before I read this, and they all pointed out that is had rape in it. Now, I'm not going to belittle the importance of such an event! I know that rape is not something to joke around with, BUT the way it was portrayed in this story was obscene!!! I'm still not really sure that that's the rape scene! If I ever do finish this story, it will be just to make sure that that was in fact the rape scene. I mean for a rape scene, it was seriously lacking!! There is too much focus on her magic, and too little on what's happening to her!! If she is really THAT powerful, her natural reaction would have been to throw the mo-fo off her! It was like 'I was on the floor, and he was on top of me, and I was thinking of a way to break the glass.' Really?! The man is stripping her clothes, in plain sight of her sworn enemy, and she's focusing on her task!?!!? And what kind of a man teaches someone something by raping them!?!!?!?! I just couldn't believe the event! It was too fantastical and 'NICE' and ugh..I have a lot of other complaints about this story. The only reason it's getting 2 stars is because I didn't finish the whole thing, and I got it for free… I just really think this story is not for me. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone I know, mostly because I'd be scared they might throw the thing at my head, and considering it's an ebook, a laptop to the head is very painful!

  • Natalie
    2019-05-10 03:47

    This book read like what it was: a self-published eco-fantasy that must have seemed like a good idea at the time. With some more editing, and a rewrite here and there the prose could have been passable, and perhaps some of the story could have held together more believably. I managed to suspend my disbelief for long enough to finish the book - but only just. What was an interesting concept (powers derived from the elements, a team of eco-defenders) got bogged down with the practical details - what exactly can these cool, new-age hippy-style superheroes actually do? Oh! They can travel the world spreading the conservation message in boardrooms, using their powers to create magical, attention-getting winds. Really? And then they can feed some phytoplankton in some poorly thought out bid to stop the heating of our oceans. Also, I obviously missed the part where the nutrients naturally released by cold ocean waters would need to be heated to be released artificially by magic. Sigh. However, when the action heats up, Ms. Harmony does find her voice. That is why this book earned its' two stars, not one. She writes the actions scenes well; though occasionally passing up on realistic character development. I flinched at the insta-love connection between the two main characters. Not enough time or reason given to the page, although I'm sure it was in the author's head. A great deal of character motivation seems to have been sketched in shorthand and then deleted. Give your readers more detail! We can handle it! I also took offense to the inordinate number of times our heroine decided to forgive and forget the inexcusable actions of the love-match and his cronies. "Oh, you're going to nearly rape me on camera as a training exercise? Ok, I still love you. And if I hadn't chosen to join your group you were going to kill me? No problem! And your group kills young women with my powers all the time when someone with more power comes along? Sounds great! Sign me up!" I just couldn't buy it. Overall, I wanted to be impressed and I just wasn't. Didn't hate it. Just really didn't like it either.

  • Cherie
    2019-05-10 04:48

    Kaitlyn Alder is a seemingly unlucky young woman. No family. No brothers or sisters. Her parents are dead and she is about to be buried alive in an avalanche of snow as she snowboards down a mountain trying her best to get out of the way of the dragon at her heels. Great opening, huh?I thought so. I didn't stop reading until almost dawn. This is the opening volume of a four book series revolving around a group of environmentalists called The Seven that can manipulate, magically, forces of our planet's elements; earth, air, fire, and water. How and why and all those trifling details await the reader.Terra Harmony can bring her characters to life. Good ones and bad ones jump out of the pages and wiggle their way under the reader's skin. I was interested in the environmental protection story and curious to see how the group worked to meet these ends. I think this still remains to be seen, but garbage and recycling and water conservation did come up, along with the decline of phytoplankton in the ocean.I will leave my review with this. This is not a "clean" YA novel. The author indicated in her forward that it is for mature readers only because of sexual content.

  • AmandaNemec
    2019-05-02 08:46

    I read this book because the author is looking for people to write honest reviews for the second book in the series, and I wanted to get into the story first. I will say, the idea of the story is a decent one. I do like the idea of elemental powers, if it's done right. This book needs a whole lot of fleshing out though. Character development is a problem. We don't ever get a really good sense of who the main characters are. They also often don't react appropriately to horrible things that happen to them. This is mostly the case for our lead female character who is s*xually assaulted in one scene, then she immediately reacts to him with snarky comments completely inappropriate for the horrible violation she just endured, and 5 pages later she's laughing and playing cards with her attacker. Also, this SAME guy CHOKED her in the forest and then she challenged him to a friendly foot race. What the? There's also some awkward dialogue, mainly because people don't talk as formally as some of this is written. We all normally talk in contractions and these characters talk a lot more formally for no reason, and then the next sentence they're back to how normal people talk casually. Another thing of note... the motivation of the characters isn't fully fleshed out. Kaitlyn, the main character, is treated brutally by people, held captive, and then suddenly decides she's into their cause without them ever fully explaining to her what they do or who this mysterious 'enemy' (who is only mentioned once) is or why she needs to be trained in martial arts and weapons. She just goes along with it. Our resident bad guy seems to have many motivations. He wants to have sex with her. He wants to prove she's not the "true" Gaia by brutally slashing her back open. He wants to be the one to have powers. The book never explains why she was kidnapped in the first place. I mean, why did they HAVE to do that? Also, what happened to her broken wrist? She was worrying about it one minute, and then all of a sudden it disappears from the storyline. I doubt a little earth (at least the way it's described in the book) could just make that be fine in no time. As to the hero of our story... Micah is basically one of her kidnappers, yet she ends up in his bed the second they meet. And then HE tries to rape her (you know, to help her "learning process") in front of the guy who JUST brutally stabbed her with a knife, yet the first chance they get to talk about it, they're all lovey again. I originally rated this two stars, but I've talked myself down.

  • Midu Hadi
    2019-05-11 04:45

    What I liked:the whole idea about people close to nature & how they could draw energy from it was interesting.the story started well and kept my interest as it progressed.the cover is really pretty!What I didn't like:the Seven were short on much so that they didn't eat too well most days, yet they could travel all around the world?I don't think causing an increase in the phytoplankton population can be that easy and even if it was, there are always consequences when humans think they know better than nature.Kaitlyn's attraction to Micah was too insta-love for me! She accepts everything too easily-kidnapping, almost maiming, almost rape, killing of other Gaias etc. How nobody, even wise Cato, could see how unstable Shawn really was.I understood Micah's reasons for what he did in the greenhouse & why Shawn hatched that plan too. What I didn't get was how Kaitlyn could forgive either of them.

  • Terra Harmony
    2019-04-25 11:42

    Yes - I'm reviewing my own book, and yes - I gave it five stars. I'm not cheating, it is really that my humble opinion, anyway. I have to say the book has been through a few minor revisions since I first published it. Based on feedback, I sent it through more editing rounds which I think really helped.I also have to say, this book is definitely 'adult only'. There is sexual content, some of it non-consensual. If you are sensitive to that, this book may not be for you.My book, above everything, is a fantasy. But there is an underlying message I hope to convey to readers. That is where the 'eco' part comes in. I hope you enjoy the read and please leave an honest review when you are done - it passes the word along!Terra Harmony

  • Tanja (Tanychy) St. Delphi
    2019-05-10 11:28

    This review is posted on Ja čitam, a ti?Oh how much I love when book manage to surprise me! This is one of them.This story is something new for me. The story still contains magic elements but in the same time is really realistic. Story about elements is not new. We all know about four basic elements and fifth spirit element and also story about Gaia is not new, but what is new (at least for me) is that the author put those elements together nicely. Not just that she also created relations between characters so that you're not only interested in story about elements and their rulers but also in relations between characters. Water is magic story about basic elements. Every element can be controlled separately but only Gaia can control them all. When Kaitlyn finds herself on one unknown place and when she discovers everything about elements her life changes completely. She meets members of The Seven organization and they're hell-bent on saving the Earth. As in every organization you never know who to trust especially if you're new there. I won't tell you more about the story, you should discover it all by yourselves. I find this story really interesting. It kept my attention from first till last page. I expect the story to become even better. Only thing that could have been better is the end. For me everything happened too fast. But as there will be more book in series the real end I hope will be better. Yet another thing this story is probably not appropriated for younger readers. It contains some violent scenes. Speaking of I can't remember the last time I wanted to slap someone so much as I wanted to slap "somebody" in this book. When I think about it it's not only one person (you'll know who I'm talking about). All in all this was a really interesting and nice read. Oh I almost forgot. The covers! They look amazing!***NOTE: I received this book from author Terra Harmony and I'm not paid to write a review. I do it as a lover of written word.

  • NayNay
    2019-05-09 03:24

    Kaitlyn Alder is introduced to a life of magic, she becomes part of an organization hell-bent on saving the Earth. Just as her newfound life holds promises of purpose, romance, and friendship, the organization divides and a rogue member holds Kaitlyn hostage. Now one of the most terrifying men the human race has to offer stands between her and Earth's survival.This was an amazing story...the action begins right from the beginning of the book, having you hanging on the edge of your seat. The author has created a world that you are sucked into, and then she takes you on a roller- coaster ride of twist and turns. I could not read fast enough.WATER is a fast-paced read, with exceptional characters and I loved the storyline. There are two more books that follow, the next in the series is AIR, I can not wait to read it. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes an action packed story.I recieved this book from the author for an honest review....Terra Harmony certainly should be put on your must read list.

  • Lee Anne - OMG! It's TOOOOO Cold!
    2019-04-28 05:42

    WOW! This is a great beginning to a new series. I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to read the next one in the series.Terra does a great job of developing characters and story that are completely believable. The fear, skepticism, anger and curiosity all expressed by Kaitlyn make her seem like one of my friends. (view spoiler)[ I fell in love with Micah right along with her and then I hated him with her as well. I think I hated him longer than she did! I could see the conflict with Shawn early on but had no idea it would take such a nasty turn. I have a few ideas in mind for his punishment!I thought Kaitlyn's use of the leaves, dirt and water to escape were original and clever.(hide spoiler)]Overall, a very well written story and I'm looking forward to finding out what happens next!I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Tina ♥ Bookaholic
    2019-05-10 11:48

    English Review: This book was a quite roller coaster of my feelings, as well of my enthusiasm for it. I have won it at a Giveaway on a Blog and I started to read it without any informing what it is about exactly. At first it was very difficult to come into the story, because it begins right in the middle and I had no clue who the protagonist was, where she was and in which world the whole story played. I got the information presented only in little pieces, and after the first confusion vanished and some essential questions were answered, I started to like the plot better and better.It also took some time for me to get into the writing style of the author because she prefers to use short, concise sentences which are equipped with traits to describe the scenery and also the feelings. Because I have read the book in English, it was sometimes hard to follow, especially at the beginning when everything was explained with the earth, the organization and her power. But then with the help of the translation of my Sony reader it was also no problem. ;) And later I’ve even liked this style of writing because thereby the action was driven and a rapid history was presented.Furthermore a thing I liked in this book very much, and which is the reason I think the book should earn 5 points, is the fact that the author also addressed to the environmental topic and cared for things like clean water and topics alike. Not only that this problem was brought up, but I also caught myself thinking about these things and I believe this is a very good and wonderful fact which lets me wish that many others will read this book as well.Now I want to go on to the characters and I can say that I’ve found once more a book in which almost every character persuades me or where they appeared real and likeable and weren’t constantly whiny like characters in other books … here they managed to face their destinies and to stand up against.The main character Kaitlyn is really quite tough and scalded by which she perhaps could come out a little too hard or too unapproachable, but with her humor and inner attitude she compensates that. Not only that she had already to bear the death of her parents, now she finds out what her true nature is and masters all obstacles and tests which are put in her way just courageously and with a sympathetically sarcasm, which win everybody over.Also the male part in the story has a quite attractive and sexy representative called Micah who scores with his determination and callousness, thereby he sometimes also goes too far and shocks the readers, but which makes this complex character only more interesting. And also his green, to enchanting-eyes, are another ‘dot-on-the-i’, which nobody can defend oneself and which makes me wish that Kaitlyn and Micah find to each other in the end.This all would have been the positive things, but I would also like to come briefly to the facts which didn’t work completely for me. The first point is that I would have wished for more interpersonal dialogues of Kaitlyn and Micah. Even if they were physically very intimate with each other, I’ve missed the scenes in which they were speaking about it or in which I could also sense Micah’s feelings towards Kaitlyn. Sometimes he simply was too cold for me in dealing with Kaitlyn and I would also have wished for the end that he suffers with her that he despaired and that he desperately searched for her or that afterwards he got furious and wounded because of the behavior and doings of his‚ supposed’ friend.On top of that some things in the book went on pretty fast and although I am a fan of rapid actions, I have not liked it here that sometimes several days or weeks passed without I got to know exactly what had happened with the characters in the meantime. For my taste there were too many gaps which I would have liked to see filled with interactions of the characters. I have missed all that somehow and moreover, the end didn’t left me with a contented sigh, but with open questions for which I crave and hope to get them answered satisfyingly in the second part.Nevertheless, this book has more than excelled my prospects because the characters have convinced me and were likeable and attractive and the book was an absolutely ‘page-turner’ which I couldn’t put aside any which I read incredibly fast. Keep it up … I want more! Oh yes, a few more precise and more ‚special‘ scenes wouldn’t be bad as well! ;) More information on my Blog: Deutsche Rezension: Dieses Buch war eine ziemliche Achterbahn der Gefühle, wie auch meine Begeisterung dafür. Ich habe es bei einem Giveaway auf einem Blog gewonnen und es, ohne mich genauer darüber zu informieren, angefangen zu lesen. Zuerst war es sehr schwierig in die Handlung zu kommen, da es mittendrin beginnt und man keine richtige Ahnung hat wer der Protagonist ist, wo er sich aufhält und in welch einer Welt überhaupt alles spielt. Man bekommt es erst stückchenweise zugeworfen und nachdem die erste Verwirrtheit verschwunden und einige essentielle Fragen beantwortet wurden, hat mir die Handlung immer besser gefallen.Auch dauerte es für mich eine Zeit bis ich in den Schreibstil der Autorin gekommen bin, da sie sehr oft kurze, prägnante Sätze bevorzugt, welche mit Charaktereigenschaften bestückt sind um die Szenerie und die Gefühle zu beschreiben. Da ich aber das Buch auf Englisch gelesen habe, war es teilweise schwer immer zu folgen, besonders zu Beginn, als alles mit der Erde, der Organisation und ihren Kräften erklärt wurde. Aber mit Hilfe der Übersetzung von meinem Sony Reader war es dann auch kein Problem mehr. :) Und später hat mir diese Schreibweise sogar gefallen, weil dadurch die Handlung angetrieben und eine rasante Geschichte präsentiert wurde.Eine Sache die mir weiters in diesem Buch sehr gut gefiel und alleine schon deswegen 5 Punkte verdienen würde, war die Tatsache, dass sie die Umweltthematik ansprach und sich um Dinge wie sauberes Wasser und dergleichen kümmerte. Nicht nur, dass es angesprochen wurde, sondern man fing auch selber an über diese Dinge nachzudenken und ich finde, das ist ein sehr gute und wundervolle Tatsache, die mich wünschen lässt, dass viele dieses Buch lesen werden.Zu den Charakteren kann ich sagen, dass ich dieses mal wieder Charaktere gefunden haben, die mich fast alle überzeugt haben, bzw. die echt und liebenswert wirkten und nicht ständig herum jammerten, wie es in anderen Bücher der Fall ist… hier kamen sie mit den ihnen gestellten Schicksalen klar und boten ihnen die Stirn.Der Hauptcharakter Kaitlyn ist wirklich ziemlich zäh und abgebrüht, wodurch sie eventuell etwas zu hart oder zu unnahbar wirken würde, was sie aber durch ihren Humor und inneren Einstellung wieder wett macht. Nicht nur dass sie bereits den Tod ihrer Eltern verkraften musste, erfährt sie nun was ihr wahres Ich ist und meistert alle ihre gestellten Hindernisse und Tests bravourös und mit einem sympathisch Sarkasmus, der jeden für sich einnimmt. Auch der männliche Part in der Geschichte hat einen ziemlich attraktiven und sexy Vertreter namens Micah, der mit seiner Entschlossenheit und Abgebrühtheit punktet, manchmal dadurch aber auch zu weit geht und schockiert, was seinen vielschichtigen Charakter nur noch interessanter macht. Und auch seine grünen, zum verzaubern einladenden Augen, sind ein weiteres i-Tüpfelchen, gegen das man sich nicht wehren kann und man sich nur wünscht, dass er und Kaitlyn zueinander finden.Das wären also die positiven Dinge gewesen, aber ich möchte auch kurz auf das eingehen, was mir nicht ganz zugesagt hat. Zu einem hätte ich mir mehr zwischenmenschliches mittels Dialogen bei Kaitlyn und Micah gewünscht. Auch wenn sie körperlich sehr intim miteinander waren, haben mir die Szenen gefehlt, in denen darüber gesprochen wird, bzw. in denen man auch Micahs Gefühle gegenüber ihr spürt. Manchmal war er mir einfach zu kühl im Umgang mit Kaitlyn und ich hätte mir auch für das Ende gewünscht, dass er mit ihr mitleidet, dass er verzweifelt nach ihr sucht oder dass man danach mitbekommt wie wütend und verletzt er ist wegen dem Verhalten seines ‚angeblichen‘ Freundes. Noch dazu ging manches im Buch ziemlich schnell und auch obwohl ich ein Fan von rasanten Handlungen bin, habe ich es hier nicht gemocht, dass manchmal mehrere Tage oder Wochen vergingen, ohne das man genau erfuhr was in der Zwischenzeit mit den Charakteren passiert war. Für meinen Geschmack eine Spur zu viele Lücken, die ich gerne mit Interaktionen der Charaktere gefüllt gesehen hätte. Das alles hat mir etwas gefehlt und außerdem hat mich das Ende nicht mit einem zufriedenen Seufzer zurück gelassen, sondern mit offenen Fragen, nach denen ich mich sehne und hoffe, sie zufriedenstellend im zweiten Teil beantwortet zu bekommen.Dieses Buch hat aber trotzdem mehr als nur meine Vorstellungen übertroffen, weil die Charaktere überzeugt haben, die sympathisch und ansprechend waren und es ein absoluter Page-Turner war, den ich nicht mehr aus der Hand legen konnte und wahnsinnig schnell verschlungen habe. Weiter so… ich will mehr! Ach ja, ein paar genauere und mehr ‚spezielle‘ Szenen wären auch nicht schlecht ;) Für mehr Infos:

  • Ritesh
    2019-05-14 11:44

    Water is the first book in the Akasha series by Terra Harmony and it is a huge… massive… humungous first book! Well, you now know the direction in which this review is headed.The action in the book starts right on the first page, with the protagonist, Kaitlyn caught in an avalanche. She is rescued by the Seven, but finds herself captive in an unknown location. She is soon given the reason of her abduction and that is where the book turns from a mystery to an eco-fantasy. Kaitin is a Gaia or ‘Mother of the Earth’ with powers over all four basic elements of nature, water, air, earth and fire. She soon realises that escape is impossible and reluctantly starts her training to become ‘the Gaia’. A romance is thrown in the mix, as Kaitlyn starts falling for her trainer and a whirlwind relationship begins.The Seven is an organisation which is trying to save the environment and takes it on itself, the responsibility to train the next Gaia. There is a mystery surrounding them and I can’t make up my mind yet, whether they will be the good guys or will turn rogue in the next books. They want to save the earth, but their actions seem to put them in the extremist category, what with the abducting and killing people. To what lengths will they go to achieve their mission? I don’t know and I’ll reserve my judgement till I know more.Coming back from this digression, Kaitlyn is soon sent on her first mission, along with her team. The mission is you every day ‘save the environment’ kind of mission. Everything seems to be going along smoothly, when BAM! The biggest twist in the plot. I did not see this coming and was beginning to imagine the book being only about environmental do-goodness. I can’t give out a spoiler here, but I am really tempted! All I can say is, Kaitlyn has to find an inner strength to get through what comes for her next. This is the part which had my stomach in turns. But I still could not stop reading. I wanted to know what happened and how Kaitlyn would get out of the mess of epic proportions she found herself in.Initially, I found Kaitlyn to be someone who took too many risks, without really thinking about the consequences. Right from the start she seemed to have an inner strength, but it seemed misdirected. As the book progressed, I began to see her as someone who fought for herself and her beliefs. She has got some of the best dialogues in the books and her comebacks are awesome at times, and fall flat at others. This made her really adorable. All the other characters are really well developed as well. I have to say that I wanted to know more about Micah’s history, his back story. I hope there is much more of that in the books to come. Shawn’s character was terrifically developed. We can feel a pure hatred for him right till the end, when we get a little back-story, and begin to have doubts. However, I cannot see him as anything but the bad guy in the series.There are a couple of very steamy scenes in the book. There are also a couple of scenes which involve non-consensual sex which a very subtle way of saying that there are scenes where the protagonist is r*ped. But, I have to commend to author for describing these scenes in a way which did not turn this book into a pseudo-erotic romp. The description is just enough to get the impact of the act though. There were parts which had me cringing and afraid to continue reading. I think this shows that the author succeeded in getting the ‘image’ she was trying to portray, across. Consider this my disclaimer! If you can handle it, stay away!!This may be an eco-fantasy, but the author, for most part, refrains from preaching to us on how to help the environment. The awareness about the environment she tries to create comes through as being intricately woven into the story. Just the way I like it!I was somehow disappointed by the ending and it all happened too abruptly for me. I wanted some more action! And … the author has chosen the ‘worst’ moment to end the book. It is a cliff-hanger which will leave readers waiting in anticipation for the next book. All I can say is, get the next book out faster!

  • Tanecia
    2019-05-01 06:27

    *I received this book for review from the author*This book is Awesome in a sad twisted way...When I got to the first few chapters I was a little skeptical on where this was going and most of all will it keep me interested.....? Yes IT DID!!!I really enjoyed this book! The concept of the story is truly authentic to anything I have read to date. I have never been so conflicted while reading a book until I read this one. In the beginning I was a bit thrown off by what was happening because the author just throws you into the story from the first page. Exciting, Yes! but it caught me off guard which left me questioning the the main characters actions because we didn't have any background information yet... Everything is explained the next few pages which helps the story build piece by piece in the next few chapters.In Water we are introduced to all the main characters and a lot of information. I have to give Five stars to Terra for doing her homework on explaining the eco in the eco-fantasy! You can easily tell that the author either has a degree in biology and all things eco or did some insane research for this book. Even though I dont recycle much by reading I might want to .... Reduce->Reuse->Recycle My favorite part of this book was the fantasy side of course! I love the idea of an Elemental and how Kaitlyn's powers were used and practiced through out the book kept me reading and wanting to know more about her power's and how they would evolve. Kaitlyn's powers kind of reminded me of Avatar: The Last Airbender which was cool for me because I could actually picture everything in my mind. The author was able to make the characters come off the page as if it were playing out as a movie in your head. The emotions were so believable that I almost had to put the book down a couple of times because I was so immersed in the moment that I could almost feel and taste what the main character went through...and boy was it a lot!! (view spoiler)[ This book does contain some non-consensual sex scenes and I almost couldn't get through without almost crying and feeling extremely bad for the Kaitlyn (hide spoiler)]. I also grew to like the main character Kaitlyn and the supporting characters like Alex and Susan. Micha on the other hand was a tough cookie to sort out.Even though he is the sworn protector of Kaitlyn his Gaias, towards the end we really dont know whose side he's really on and we also see his struggle with what is in his heart and the right thing to do versus his duty as a member of The Seven.My only issues with this book is that I cant really pin point what I really liked and disliked..if that makes sense.? I feel happy that I read this book but should I really feel happy? (view spoiler)[If you read the book you should know what I'm talking about... (hide spoiler)]Overall: I really liked this book! if you like fantasy reads you will definitely enjoy Water!! I cant wait to read Air to continue the series because I'm definitely am hooked to see what happens next!Cover Rating: Love IT!!Ages: 17& [email protected]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Quiana
    2019-05-18 03:26

    Synopsis:.Elemental powers in the palm of her hand...and it won't be enough to save her. When Kaitlyn Alder is involuntarily introduced to a life of magic, she becomes part of an organization hell-bent on saving the Earth. Just as her new-found life holds promises of purpose, romance, and friendship, the organization divides and a rogue member holds Kaitlyn hostage. Now one of the most terrifying men the human race has to offer stands between her and Earth's survival.Review.The synopsis for Water by Terra Harmony piqued my interest at first glance. A heroine who discovers she has magic and must use said magic for the good of the world, sounded like an intriguing and fun read. In the end I was not disappointed.This was an extremely entertaining and fun read. The story started out with a bang, and I found it hard to put the book down. There was a little bit of action, mystery, humor, magic and romance; definitely enough to keep me invested in the story and characters. The plot moved along at a nice steady pace, therefore I was never bored. The many twists and turns and shocking revelations kept me on the edge of my seat.I enjoyed getting to know the characters, and found them to be unique and well-developed. Harmony did a tremendous job with character development. None of the characters were perfect, but whether I grew to love them or hate them, I was always able to understand their motivations. I fell in love with Kaitlyn; a strong, witty, snarky, and likeable heroine. She didn’t take herself too seriously, and found humor in situations where others would find none. I was able to relate to her and every emotion she felt. I really liked Micah as well, although there were a few times I felt conflicted about some of his choices and actions. The romance between Kaitlyn and Micah felt a little rushed, but I couldn’t help but like their snarky banter and lively interactions. Overall, I give Water four stars. This was a great start to a series I am eagerly looking forward to reading. I can’t wait to read Air, the next book in the Akasha Series, as there was a huge cliffhanger that left me wanting more. I highly recommend this book to anyone who’s interested in a well-written paranormal romance, with a great plot, and compelling characters.

  • Diana
    2019-04-21 03:51

    Disturbing, really disturbing and not in a good way. I mean having those elemental powers is a great idea for me. That's the one thing that kept me reading this book. But the rest, I don't even know. I have mixed feelings with this book and most of it is disappointment. It's just that all the things that happened to Kaitlyn really frustrates me. The supposed rape scene, the real rape scene. I don't like it. The words used weren't that violating or anything but just thinking about it, I don't know. It stirs some unwanted anger in me. I just hate it when men take advantage of women or they take pleasure in women's suffering. I hate that kind of idea. But I love how Kaitlyn comes off really strong even with all the things that she's been through. I really feel bad for Kaitlyn. But sometimes she seems to be clingy and immature.I really hate/loathe/despise Shawn. I've never been so angry at a character this way. Even from the start, I knew he will be the villain in Kaitlyn's life. But I never thought it will be in a sexual abusive way. Grrr! There isn't even the right word to describe how much I wanted him to be killed in the book. Pure evil. I know he hates Kaitlyn but really? What if someone did to Sarah what he did to Kaitlyn? He isn't even thinking. Whenever I read his name, the thought "Die! Die! Die!" was always on my mind. I wanted to stab him there and there. Ugh!The story is really fast-paced. I think many things were skipped in this book. Yeah, Micah saved Kaitlyn and that's just it. Their relationship went really fast. I don't like Micah either. I mean I liked him at first when he saved Kaitlyn but with what happened in the cold storage and the greenhouse? I began to dislike him. I didn't even find any chemistry between them.I didn't even want to finish this book. Yeah but I pushed myself through and through until I hit the finish line only to find Kaitlyn pregnant. Another thing to be frustrated about. To think that they were protecting the environment and to do that there is someone that needs to suffer. Kaitlyn didn't really need to suffer but she has to have some backup protector right? She did everything to save herself. She saved herself! Take that! I don't even want to talk about the next book. Case closed.

  • Christie Rich
    2019-04-23 07:28

    I'd like to thank Shut Up and Read group and Terra Harmony for the chance to read and review this book.The premise of the story, the amazingly beautiful cover and recommendations from a few friends who had rated the book highlyand are what made me want to read Water. First of all, I like Terra's writing style. Reading this book was easy and most often fun.That being said, I didn't connect with the story or the characters as much as I wanted to. Don't get me wrong, the story is good, but a few things threw me off. Kailyn is portrayed as strong and snarky, but at times this mutates into a total disregard for other people. I am finding it hard to give a completely honest review here, because I don't like giving spoilers. Let's just say that Kaitlyn finds out she has negatively impacted the earth without realizing it, and yet later on in the story she does things without thinking about how it will impact the planet even though she is supposed to be earth conscious.As with other reviewer's, I felt the romance did not flow naturally. Although I did think the characters were strong.Overall this was an enjoyable read. Actual rating is 3.5 stars, but I always round up. This is an original story that has many great elements (haha), and if you like snarky heroines, Kaitlyn is your gal. The twists and turns keep you wondering what will happen to the very end.

  • Amos Cassidy
    2019-05-21 09:50

    This book started with a bang and finished on one. I loved the energy contained in Terra Harmony's writing. The premise of the book is unique and I was immediately pulled into the Chakra's world. My only issue was with Kaitlyn, the cocky and kick ass heroine. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love a heroine who can hold her own but at times she came across as flippant rather than just cocky. There were situations where her cocky responses just seemed out of place. I would have connected more with her if in those situations she had shown a more serious side. I also felt that in places, the story moved to fast and too much information was imparted too quickly. Overall I really enjoyed Water and loved Terra Harmony's writing style. The Teaser for Air, at the end of Water, has whet my appetite for more and I can't wait to read the next installment in this unique exciting series.

  • Steffi
    2019-04-28 08:23

    If you have a problem with the word "shit", don't continue reading!The plot is shit.The world-building is shit.The characters are shit.The elemental magic is shit.Just everything is shit about this book.I only managed to finish this by skimming through the pages.

  • Jennifer (Bad Bird Reads)
    2019-05-21 11:33

    From: http://readingandwritingurbanfantasy....At a GlanceWater is the kind of book that drove me a bit crazy. I never knew how I felt about it. I kind of wanted to dislike it, but then I loved it at the same time. After I was done, I was shocked by what I just read. And even though there were many things that bothered me about this book, I couldn't help but think about it long after I put it down--in a good way. The GoodHere's the StoryAll of Kaitlyn's escape attempts have failed. This organization will not let her go because of the secret they have kept from her. Kaitlyn is no normal human being, she is special, and she holds the Earth's survival in her hands. Relenting to these hippie/military people, she finds herself training to become what she is meant to become. Then Kaitlyn starts finding out some disturbing thing about this weird organization that does not sit well with her. Not all the members want her there. Some would risk all just to have her power. And even the ones she cares about might just be using her. Feeling alone amongst friends, it's up to Kaitlyn to fight against the man that wants to control her, possess her, and kill her. I Want More...This book started out with a bang. I was enthralled from the first scene and my eyes were glued all the way till the end. This is one of the most roller coaster reads I have ever set my eyes upon. The array of emotions that Water made me feel were boundless. I am itching to get my hands on the second book of the series. Harmony definitely knows how to leave us wanting more. Kait and Her Fate...In the beginning, I loved Kaitlyn's tenacity and resilience. She's a fighter. But she also does what's best for everyone, even if it puts her in some screwed up situations. She tries to take her new life in stride, even while everyone keeps messing with her. When I felt bad for Kaitlyn, she never felt bad for herself. She never broke down, she just planned and focused on the best way of getting away from the new threat. Out of all the authors I have ever read, Harmony is the meanest to her characters, which makes things more exciting. Redeemable?The characters around Kaitlyn bothered me, but sometimes in a good way. Micah was mostly sweet and caring in the beginning of the book. Even as the story went on, and I started to dislike him, I did truly believe that he wanted to love Kaitlyn, not hurt her. I am hoping he does some redeemable things in book 2 because he has potential. Shocker!The bad guy in Water is really bad. You won't really be surprised who he is revealed to be because it's pretty obvious throughout the novel, but the lengths he goes to are just shocking. Harmony does not hold anything back when it comes to twists and turns. You know they are coming but the level of violence and hate is astounding. I was often reading with my mouth open, stunned by what I was reading. I haven't had a book do that to me in a long time. Eco-Friendly?In the end, I was happy I read this book. It's gritty and has a no holds barred type of plot. I never knew what to expect, what horrible thing would happen next. It was actually exhilarating. I also have to give Harmony props for her awesome explanations and descriptions for the eco-fantasy part. It was quite fascinating. You can tell this author did her research. The BadSince there is much about the book that bothered me, I am just going to list everything instead of going into too much detail (there will be some spoilers, that cannot be helped):~Kaitlyn's reactions seemed unrealistic at times.~Micah and Kaitlyn had a weird intimacy that did not feel natural.~One minute Kaitlyn is escaping, the next she is promising to stay, but there is no logical reason behind her change of mind.~Kaitlyn is carved up with a knife by a bad guy who is suppose to be a good guy and nothing is done to the bad/good guy, even though he is caught in the act. Even the man that cares about her does nothing. He walks in, says "Hey, what are you doing?" and stands there while his lover is left cut and bleeding. Then tells the bad/good guy that they will discuss the matter later. REALLY?~ She forgives someone she cares about who almost rapes her because he gives her a necklace. Wow, this girl is easy. ~Once Kaitlyn starts feeling bad for her capturers, people who hold her down to be tortured, I lost respect for her. ~She laughs and plays around with her rapist/torturer. ~The ending really couldn't be called an ending. The SnugglyThere is sex in this book, and there is also rape and torture. This is not a book for everyone. I am not one to be skittish from violent books, but even I was a little uncomfortable with how far this book goes with the sexual violence. So be prepared. I for one did not like Micah very much, so him and Kaitlyn together wasn't my favorite part of the book. OverallAs you can see, I have a love/hate relationship with Water. It had some parts that made me jump up with joy and other parts left me saying, "What the HELL?" But I know one thing for sure, I will be continuing the series one way or another. I have to know what is going to happen next. Recommended for those who can handle books with physical and sexual violence. Excerpt"Bitch!" he screamed. "You will bear my mark before this is over." I snorted with laughter at his exclamation. Laughter subdued, I grabbed the knife and made three quick cuts on his back. Blood seeped through his shirt instantaneously in the shape of the letter K. Not one to be outdone with tacky declarations, I announced, "But not before you bear mine." I stepped back, releasing my grip on him, feeling entirely too pleased with myself. It was short lived; four hands grabbed me. I had forgotten about the remaining two guards, significantly bigger men, who now had me sandwiched between them, keeping me all but immobile. Shawn took his time getting up from the ground, dusting himself off before turning to face me. His eyes bore into me, burning with pure hatred. He twisted my wrist, the same maneuver I used on him, confiscating the knife. My eyes followed its tip as he ran it past my face.

  • Jeanette
    2019-05-09 09:29

    Water was very entertaining and well written. I connected with the characters, and I found it to be a very quick read!One thing that is a "must" for me when I read books is the characters. I need to like the characters for me to enjoy a book. As you may have guessed by the rating, I did very much like the characters! They were realistic (given the world) and I appreciate how they were flawed and how consistent their actions were with their characters. We learned more about them as the book progressed and that really gave a nice depth to past and future events (view spoiler)[For example: Micah having to shoot Kaitlyn had she said no to Cato(hide spoiler)]. I liked how Kaitlyn dealt with her issues and went through the emotions instead of shrugging them off as if nothing happened. For example: she didn't just forgive Micah after the greenhouse incident - she was mad at him and worked through those emotions. It made her a much stronger character in my eyes, and I look forward to the next book when she needs to deal with everything that happened to her. (view spoiler)[ her feelings for Micah, dealing with her sexual abuse, and the pregnancy. (Wow! This next book is going to be a doozy!)(hide spoiler)]. Speaking of Micah, (what a lovely name!!), I really enjoyed what he brought to the story. I found myself liking him, even through the times when he did things that had me hitting my head against the wall in frustration (view spoiler)[ the greenhouse, the tourist day in Spain(hide spoiler)]. The more I read about him, the more I liked him, and I hope to see his character continue to develop in the next couple of books. Shawn was the evil character and I hated him as was required by the writing. For me, he was kind of two-dimensional, and didn't really progress all that much from the beginning of the book (view spoiler)[ I will say that learning about Sarah helped, but wasn't enough to give me a better idea of his character(hide spoiler)]. He was fairly predictable, but I do enjoy having someone I can hate without reservation, and he was that person.I found that this book was well written. There were some minor errors but I imagine it's just a pdf version issue (ex: instead of having the word "had" there was only an "a" and other small things like that, BUT it didn't affect the readability. I'm just mentioning it so that it can be fixed in the future!) I find that the style of writing was fluid, and it gave enough description to envision the world, but still leaving details to each reader. This is something that I really appreciate in an author. I remember reading the Redwall series when I was young and skipping the 2 pages it took to describe every dish in the feast the characters were having. And don't get me wrong, I LOVED that series, but I found that it was a little too much. Since then, I have gained a healthy appreciation for showing reserve in that aspect. I liked the pace of the book and found that the components (romance, general plot...etc) were well-balanced.I can't really find too much about this book to critique...I will say that it wasn't altogether unpredictable. Perhaps it was because I inadvertently read a couple of the reviews and had an inkling of what was going to happen (view spoiler)[ the kidnapping, and sexual assault(hide spoiler)] so I KNEW that Shawn was going to be a baddie right off the bat and have a hand in the aforementioned spoilers. This setting really intrigued me! I find myself wanting to know more about the world it was set in - more about the Seven, the Teams and their interactions with each other. Is there only one team in the world? What's the deal with the athame? What is the extent of everyone's powers? I would also like details about Micah's past and how many Gaias he has worked with/had to kill...etc. Essentially, I need to know more about everybody. That being said, HOW did they travel so far so quickly! It seemed like every time Kaitlyn opened her eyes she was halfway across the world! (ex: Spain->Galapagos->San Francisco) How did no-one notice the unconscious girl some people were towing around the world? How did they have enough money for that, but not for clean clothes? All that being said, I am very excited to read the next book in the series! I tend to not enjoy cliffhangers in general, but I understand why it was used and it definitely has me intrigued for the next book. (So I suppose it has done it's job). Speaking of which, I think I am going to go buy that next one now! :)Thank you for the opportunity to read this book! I really enjoyed it and can't wait to find out what happens to the characters in the next one!

  • Branwen Sedai *of the White Ajah*
    2019-04-20 09:47

    This was my FIRST EVER buddy read with the fantabulously awesome Lily (The Novel Nerd)! Her reviews can also be found on her nifty blog,"Saving the world is dirty work."Kaitlyn Alder is a free spirited girl who travels the globe and captures the world at the end of a camera lens. During a skiing accident where she is caught in an avalanche, she is rescued by a top secret ecological organization who will stop at nothing to preserve the Earth and her elements. Will Kaitlyn's newly discovered magical powers be able to help her make a difference, not only with the organization, but the world? Or is just a liability...with dangerous assets? This is the first book in the Akasha series, and at the time I downloaded it, it was free on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. (So if you are interested in it, definitely go check it out soon!)I had a real abrupt change of heart while reading this book. There were a lot of good things that I enjoyed, and also a lot of things that really bothered me. Unfortunately, the things that bothered me won out in the end, hence the lower rating. There may be a few spoiler-ish things in this review, so if you're wary about that read with caution, capiche?Okay, first I'll talk for a moment about the aspects of the book that I liked. I have to admit, when I first started reading it, and really throughout the first hundred pages or so, I really found myself enjoying it! The story is very original and unique. I liked the idea of the protagonist, Kaitlyn, having elemental powers that could be used to help the environment. Additionally, without control, she can also cause destruction and chaos. I think that speaks a lot about Nature in general, don't you think? You can have a gentle rainstorm that can help ecological growth, but you could also have a hurricane which can wreak havoc on people and the environment. Either way, Nature can work in mysterious ways. Kaitlyn's powers are described in this way as well, which made for an interesting story. I liked her as a character. I liked her sassiness and that she wasn't afraid to speak her mind. I like that she had the conviction to sleep with her love interest and guardian, Micah, without the hundreds of obstacles that usually occur in young adult novels. No supernatural issue keeping them apart, no I-love-you-but-I-can't-be-with-you crap. Nadda. Just a girl following her instincts and going after what she wants. I respect that greatly. I liked the idea of the 'Gaia' and there were a few other witchy type references that made me smile with happiness.*sighs* Unfortunately, this is where the book started to go downhill for me. Although I liked some aspects of the organization Seven, for the most part they came across as chauvinistic, controlling, arrogant, and to be quite frank...just downright mean! They basically kidnap Kaitlyn and force her to do all these different experiments to test/control her powers, and basically they whole time it felt as if she was being held hostage by a bunch of fascist Nazis! Granted, they are tree-hugging Nazi's but still! One of the so called experiments involved Micha, the love interest trying to rape her while another member, Shawn, stood nearby and tried to block her powers. Um. What? Are you serious right now? Sex should never be used in this type of way! It's downright diabolical! Literally right after that I started to detest Micha. And you know what? Kaitlyn ends up forgiving him. I kid you not. While I love the whole 'using powers to save the Earth' theme, at points toward the middle and end I felt like I was reading a science textbook. It was boring, flat, and a bit preachy. Okay, and the main reason why this book ended up with two stars was that even after the deplorable scene with Micah, Shawn ends up kidnapping Kaitlyn and rapes her repeatedly. In detail. Vaginally and anally. I'm sorry, but did this really need to be in this book? I'm not trying to sound squeamish, I can handle a lot of stuff, but this part of the book really made me sick to my stomach. I know it was trying to show how evil and damaged Shawn was, but couldn't this have been done in a less gruesome way? This just completely made me not want to ever read more of this series. Ever. And the ending was, well, a bit of a twist, and if it wasn't for the horrific scenes leading up to it I might have been a little more interested in continuing this series. But unfortunately, I was left with a rather unpleasant taste in my mouth when finishing this book. This review can also be found on my blog:

  • Coral
    2019-05-07 09:42

    I wanted to like this book, because it was given to me via NetGalley. To this book's credit: 1) It warns the reader that there is non-consensual sexual activity, right up front. I'm glad I had that warning, though I probably should have gone with my first instinct and put the book back down immediately--again, though, it was an ARC, and I felt like I owed it to the publisher to read it with an open mind. So I did.2) It jumps right in to an action sequence, which is fun. 3) It draws the reader in fairly quickly, using the reader's curiosity very well. That said, here's what has me so upset:1) Women are literally disposable -- (view spoiler)[only one woman can be this organization's "Gaia" (main source of magic power) at a time, although there are multiple women out there who could do the job. They kidnap the most powerful of the potential Gaias and have her do dangerous things--they lose Gaias at an astounding rate, but the men in the organization all seem to last a very long time. If a potential Gaia doesn't want the job, she's killed. If a more powerful potential Gaia shows up on their radar, the current Gaia is killed, and they kidnap the new one. If the other potential Gaias aren't strong enough to be worth kidnapping (which the organization knows because they stalk every potential Gaia), they kill them. In reading, it seems like this isn't supposed to upset us--at least, it doesn't upset the narrator--perhaps because she's the strongest Gaia ever. (hide spoiler)]2) One of the "good guys" sexually assaults the main female character, twice. (view spoiler)[And she dates him anyway. (hide spoiler)] His attempted rape is written off as not important because the bad guy convinced him to do it.3) The person who runs this frightening organization is set up as a sympathetic character. As is the attempted-rapist, for the most part. Both of them tend to doubt the word of the heroine, to downplay the behavior of the bad guy--in general, to build a very strong rape culture within the organization. (One example: although the organization "no longer brands our Gaias," the two main male characters know that the bad guy has broken the rules and cut/branded the past few Gaias, but they aren't really concerned about it.)4) (view spoiler)[The reader thinks the attempted rape by the boyfriend is the non-consensual sex the beginning of the book warned about. It is not. The "actual bad guy" does far worse. (hide spoiler)] I have read a fair bit of urban fantasy and have overlooked more than a little powerless-female/powerful-male writing, but this is well beyond the pale. It hurts my stomach to think about it. And it is really, really unnecessary. The reader already has the guy pegged as a psychopath, well before that long, drawn-out, horrible episode. Is it supposed to titillate? I don't know why else it would be included in such detail.5) It's a little upsetting to me, in a way that I have trouble fully clarifying, that there is this woman with these supposedly amazing powers, and not one but two of the male characters have the power to just shut her powers down, one by blocking them and one by absorbing them. It feels gross.6) Maybe this one's a little petty, because the book is clearly not ready to publish yet, but, at least at the beginning, the writing is terrible. (It may stay terrible throughout, and I just got used to it. I guess I should pick it up, a week after reading it, and see.) The author tries to fit too many descriptors into a sentence. Too many adverbs. It needs a good editor/rewriter, even if its other issues can be sorted out.I acknowledge the chance that this one star review is unreasonable. This series could absolutely redeem itself, and I fully believe it will be worth reading if it ends up making a broad point about the evils of blind adherence to tradition, the corruptibility of powerful organizations, and the dangers inherent in patriarchal rule. If the "good guys" in this book end up really being bad guys, or if they see the flaws in their organization and change how they run it (or the heroine changes it for them), then great. If not, the publisher should reconsider putting this horrible thing into the world--seriously, if "The Seven" are supposed to be read as morally right, then this series is even more regressive than Twilight.

  • Sarah
    2019-04-28 10:42

    (Source: Downloaded for free from thinks she’s dead when she’s swept up in an avalanche while snowboarding, the last thing she expects is to wake up locked in a small room which looks nothing like a hospital. Deciding to try and escape, Kaitlyn breaks out through a small window, and puts up one hell of a fight when once again cornered, but there’s no easy escape for her, especially when she finds out that the people who are holding her have cleared all her stuff from her apartment, and basically made out that she is dead!Kaitlyn is in for even more of shock though when it is finally explained to her where she is and why. She has been taken by a group called ‘the seven’, who are trying to fight environmental problems using magical powers, and Kaitlyn is their new Gaia – the woman who has magical powers over earth, wind, water, and fire.What exactly do these people expect from Kaitlyn though? How is she supposed to use these powers? And will her life ever be the same again?I’m not really sure where to start with this book. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything like this. There was action, there was romance, there was science, environmental stuff, and then there was magic! Such an odd combination! All the way through this book I was in two minds – did I like it? Did I want to keep reading? Could I skip this bit about phytoplankton? But I have to say that when I got to the end, I was strangely invested in finding out what happened to Kaitlyn next!Kaitlyn was a feisty, headstrong, stubborn woman. She was all alone in the world, and lacked human company, but she sure had one hell of a temper, and put up one hell of a fight when she felt that she’d been kidnapped. She was may have even been a touch over-zealous in her attempts to escape, and it was easy to see how she made some enemies during her first escape attempt.Kaitlyn really was a feisty little madam, who had some very definite ideas about what she would and wouldn’t do, and made a big point of getting what she wanted when she wanted it, even if her demands were downright unattainable or OTT, this is not a girl I’d want to mess with!The other characters in this book ‘the seven’ who had basically kidnapped her, and led the world to believe that she was dead were a real assortment of characters. Kaitlyn seemed to like Micah the best, although he later showed her just how far he was prepared to go to train her and keep her in line. Shawn was a nasty piece of work, Alex was the nice guy, and Cato was the Yoda of the group.I was really unsure who out of this bunch was really trustworthy, and Kaitlyn’s ideas on this subject changed during the book too. These characters were well fleshed out though, and had very distinct personalities.Part of the storyline in this book is about ecology, and how the planet is changing and being damaged etc. ‘The Seven’ are trying to combat these problems and want Kaitlyn to use her powers to keep the planet in balance. This was quite an interesting and unique angle for the use of magical powers I must say, and also a great way to get this sort of environmental message out there, even if I can’t say that I particularly enjoyed reading about the phytoplankton! I did like the storyline in this book though, and I thought that even the nastier parts of the story were well written and not too disturbing, which could have easily been the case. This book is new adult or adult, not young adult though, and did contain sexual situations, both consensual and non-consensual.As I said I did think that the ideas in this book were a bit of an odd combination at points, but in the end I did enjoy this book, and the little cliff-hanger at the end really did make me want to read the next book!Overall; and interesting combination of action, romance, adventure, environmental issues, and magic!7 out of 10.